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Wish I Was There (Editura: John Blake/Books Outlet, Autor: Emily Lloyd ISBN 9781782197539 )

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ISBN: 9781782197539
Anul publicării: 2014
Pagini: 274
Format: 13x20 cm


When Emily Lloyd burst onto the movie scene as a teenager she was hailed as the next Marilyn Monroe. Her stunning performance as precocious Lynda Mansell in David Leland's bitter-sweet comedy-drama Wish You Were Here thrust her into the spotlight, won her a BAFTA nomination, an Evening Standard Best Actress Award, and a National Society of Critics Award, and cemented the film's reputation as a British classic. Hollywood beckoned and Emily landed high profile roles alongside A-listers including Bruce Willis and starred with Brad Pitt in Robert Redford's Oscar-winning epic A River Runs Through It. Yet behind the corkscrew curls and cheeky grin that seduced Tinseltown, Emily was confronting a debilitating mental disorder that threatened to destroy her. Now, in her searingly honest autobiography, Emily describes the incredible highs and agonizing lows she experienced through a tumultuous acting career. Packed with fascinating, star-laden anecdotes, startling insights into movie making, and moving personal revelations, Wish I Was There is part celebrity memoir, part examination into the difficulties of combating mental illness while being in the public eye.


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