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Unaccompanied Women ( Editura: Chatto&Windus/Books Outlet, Autor: Jane Juska ISBN 9780701178048 )

Preț: 20,00 RON
Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 9780701178048
Anul publicării: 2006
Pagini: 256
Format: 14x20,5 cm
Categoria: Sex & Sexuality


As a result of what she calls the only stroke of genius I've ever had, Jane Juska placed a personal ad in a newspaper, that began- Before I turn 67 next March I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like. The response was overwhelming, and it changed Jane s life. She told all in A Round-Heeled Woman, which Lynne Truss called the best book about sex I have read, and which shocked some, amused many and became a bestseller. ive years later, Jane has, like it or not, become a kind of icon for the post-menopause generation. She's a friend and confessor to women of all ages with poignant, tragic or enchanting stories unaccompanied women, alone for now but searching for sex and romance. And despite her success, Jane herself is still looking for a man to keep her company not a husband, not even a partner, but the perfect lover, described by Katharine Hepburn as one who lives nearby and visits often. o the story continues, looking around at her generation, back to her youth, and forward to whatever grabs her fancy. And like many unaccompanied women, Jane s also in search of a better place to live. 


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