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Travels in Outback Australia ( Editura: Eye Books/Books Outlet, Autor: Andrew Stevenson ISBN 9781903070147)

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Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 9781903070147
Anul publicării: 2003
Pagini: 236
Format: 13x20 cm


A seasoned globetrotter, travel writer Andrew Stevenson is unafraid of the unconventional. Whilst most people visiting Australia tread the well worn path from the Sydney Opera House to Cairns up the East Coast, Andrew disappeared into the Australian Outback in search of the Australian Aborigines. "If you want to meet them nowadays, you've got to go beyond the black stump!" He was told. Going where few have gone before, Andrew delves into the Outback without fear. Drinking in bars with people even the locals avoid, asking questions that we all want to hear the answers to. Written with humor and compassion, his powers of observation and enquiring mind draw out a frankness that is sometimes shocking, but something from which we all can learn. This is no ordinary tale of an intrepid traveler—it is an extraordinary account of an Australia that we have not seen before.


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