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Trade Secrets ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Linda Barker ISBN 0-7153-0982-X )

Trade Secrets ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Linda Barker ISBN 0-7153-0982-X )
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ISBN: 0-7153-0982-x
Anul publicării: 2001
Pagini: 160
Format: 16X23
Categoria: Outlet Books


Every home has something that needs mending or altering, or a problem that needs solving, but finding out how can sometimes prove quite a challenge.
As a popular television interior dsign and home repair matters. Now some 200 of her tips and recommendations, based on her column in the Saturday telegraph magazine, have been collated into one concise volume to provide a handy collection of ideas for design and Diy reference.
Linda s solutions to problems such as how to create extra storage space or give  a modern look to a 1930 s tiled fireplace are realistically achievable and above al stylish. Similarly her advice on disguising an ugly porch or living with white upholstery is both practical and insipational. For those who enjoy constructing features from scratch, there are directions for tackling a wide range of projects, from converting a garage int a playroom to frmaing a treasured collection of drawings. Useful hints and tips as well as information on types of producs required for specific tasks are provided thoughout. Trade Secrets is an invaluable addition to every homemakers bookshelf. In its pages you will find there are few problems that are insurmountable , or that require you to dig deep into yout pocket. All you need is time and determination, plus the benefit of few trade secrets. Armed with these, problem-solving can ne creative and satisfying- and a lot of fun.


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