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The Story of Religion ( Editura: Arcturus Publishing/Books Outlet, Autor: Alex Woolf ISBN 9781785990175)

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ISBN: 9781785990175
Anul publicării: 2016
Pagini: 208
Format: 16x23 cm
Categoria: Religions


For the faithful, religion remains a guiding force for every aspect of life. An understanding of the world's major religions is not only essential to the study of history, but also in order to comprehend today's complex global community.

The Story of Religion introduces the six most dominant world faiths, explaining the origins, philosophies, and evolutions of these incredibly influential belief systems.

Discover how intricately these religions are entwined with the state of the world today, and explore topics such as:
• Israel and the early history of the Jewish people
• the expansion of Islam and the rise of Islamic empires
• Colonialism and the impact of Christian missionaries
• anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
• the ancient and enduring traditions of Hinduism in India
• Sikh emigration in the 20th century
• the growth of Buddhism in the West

Short biographies of important figures, detailed maps, helpful statistics, and a comprehensive timeline help to trace the history of these religions from their foundation to the present day.


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