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The Secret World of Whales ( Autor: Charles Siebert ISBN 9780811876414 )

The Secret World of Whales ( Autor: Charles Siebert ISBN 9780811876414 )
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ISBN: 978-0-8118-7641-4
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 109
Format: 18x18
Categoria: Outlet Books


WHALES are unlike us in so many ways. They live in the dark depths of the ocean; they speak in eerie grunts, moans, gurgles, and clicks. And some species are utterly gigantic – they're the largest animals on Earth!
And yet, if you looked into the eye of a whale, you'd think own eye. And when scientists started looking at the brains of whales, they stunned to discover that whales'brains are very like ours.
The Secret World of Whales takes you deep into the history of our encounters with whales. You'll find out how we hunted them in the past, and how our world impacts them now. You'll discover how we reach out to them, and – most powerfully – how they reach out to us, as if to say, after centuries of being hunted, that they are ready to be friends.


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