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The Mayan conspiracy ( Autor: Graham Brown ISBN 9780091943080 )

The Mayan conspiracy ( Autor: Graham Brown ISBN 9780091943080 )
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Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 978-0-09-194308-0
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 515
Format: 13X20
Categoria: Outlet Books


Deep in the Amazon Jungle, mankind s deadliest secret is about to be found...
His former CIA colleagues want him dead and Interpol want to Arrest him, but all Hawker wants to do is find a way out.
Government agent Danielle Laidlaw may be his only solution. She needs a pilot for her secret mission to find the lost Mayan city of Tulan Zuyu. In return for Hawkers services, she promises him a way home that doesn t involve a body bag.
But, as an unseen enemy stalks h=the rainforests, leaving battered corpses in its wake, they are about to discover that they re not the only people looking for Tulan Zuyu and the secrets it may hold...


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