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The Lone brit on 13 ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Christopher Chance ISBN 9781840189575 )

The Lone  brit on 13 ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Christopher Chance ISBN 9781840189575 )
Preț: 9,90 RON
Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 978-1-84018-957-5
Anul publicării: 2005
Pagini: 238
Format: 15x23
Categoria: Beletristica


The Lone Brit on 13 is a gripping true story of violence , degradation and adventure penned in the confines of a grim Malaga prison cell.Convicted twice of drug-smuggling in 1999 and 2002 , Chris Chance spent a total of over three and a half years in four Spanish prisons.In each one,he established himself as a force to be reckoned with amongst the screws an the inmates alike,meeting violence with ever greater violence in order to survive.
Writing became Chance's means of escape in the last of these prisons.In his dank cell and amidst the noise and chaos of the common room,he started recording the excitements and disasters of his life,both past and present.As a civilian,Chance's life had been packed with action and incident,including his time as a British soldier in Thailand and Northern Ireland,and as a professional martial-arts instructor in Spain,before he finally met his downfall as a drug-trafficker,sailing massive consignments of hashish from ports in Spain and Morocco..As an inmate,his life would be no less dramatic.
The sole British prisoner on wing 13, Chance was a prime target for the intimidating Spanish hardmen and cut-throats who thrived on cruelty and treachery.But his martial-arts skills and Samurai Philosophy proved to be more than a match for the aggressors.He fought his way to the surface of a cesspool of iniquitous scumbags using his fists: the only effective means of being understood in an environment of desecrated morality and non-existent integrity.
Once admired by his peers as the owner of a respected and successful martial-arts business,Chance had plenty of time to reflect on how one wrong turn in life had cost him everything except the love and support of his loyal wife.On Eventually gaining his freedom,his goal was to return the straight-and-narrow and endeavour to bring hapiness back into the lives of his family.
Shocking and controversial , The lone brit on 13 is an adrenalin-powered read that will offend,amuse and ultimately entertain with its unflinching honesty and brutal realism.
Christopher Chance now lives quietly in North Africa with his wife and dedicates his time to writing.


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