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The Little Juice Box ( Editura: Worth Press/Books Outlet, Autor: Spruce ISBN 9781846015434)

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ISBN: 9781846015434
Anul publicării: 2017
Format: 11x15 cm


Feeling lethargic, listless or simply want to give your health a boost? This beautifully packaged collection of four juice books might be just the answer you've been looking for. With over 100 fast and simple to prepare juice recipes, with guidelines for what each individual juice can do for your body, you're sure to find a juice that can help you whether you want to clear up a cold, improve your immune system or gain more energy. The four books in the collection are:

Energize: Juices to Invigorate
Perfect for when you're feeling irritable or lacking in enthusiasm. Activate the senses and stimulate your body through the natural power of juices and smoothies.

Health Remedies: Juices to Heal and Revitalize
Fresh juices can alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments, from sinusitis to anemia. Restore your body to good health through the power of juice.

Immune Boosters: Juices to Protect and Heal
Constant colds, feeling listless or just under the weather? Use the natural potency of juices to raise your energy levels and help your body fight disease.

Detox: Juices to Cleanse and Rejuvenate
Feeling bloated or lethargic? Revitalize and cleanse your body the natural way with this handy collection of juices.


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