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The Golfer's Manual: The Quintessential Guide to Rules, Scoring, Handicapping and Etiquette ( Editura: Pitch Publishing/Books Outlet, Autor: Paige Warr ISBN 9781905411115 )

Preț: 10,00 RON
Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 9781905411115
Anul publicării: 2008
Pagini: 224
Format: 10x14,5 cm
Categoria: Golf


The Golfer's Manual is the perfect reference book to have on the bookshelf or in your golf bag. It includes advice on the rules, on scoring, handicapping and etiquette; there's a hints and tips section, and a glossary of golfing terms. What is your driver's swing weight, and its Coefficient of Restitution? When is it permissible to remove stones near your ball in a bunker? What if your opponent accidentally plays your ball in stroke play? If you don't already know, then it's probably time you found out how a Daytona and a stableford greensome work - as well as how to locate your nearest point of maximum available relief! The Golfer's Manual is a comprehensive and thought-provoking guide aimed at golfers of all levels, but will be particularly helpful to beginners.


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