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The Butterfly House ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Sarah Smith ISBN 9781849762052 )

The Butterfly House ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Sarah Smith ISBN 9781849762052 )
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Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 978-1-84976-205-2
Anul publicării: 2014
Pagini: 26
Format: 23x29 cm
Categoria: Outlet Books


Jack, Lizzy, and their naughty cat, Cat, are off to spend the afternoon with their grandmother. But Georgina Fiona-May Orbis is no ordinary grandmother—she knows how to turn into a butterfly! With its lush spreads and sweet story, The Butterfly House will capture the imaginations of young and old alike.

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

Gr 1–3—Lizzy and Jack love to visit Nana in her very special apartment. Nana has an amazing greenhouse that is aflutter with butterflies. She tells the children that if a butterfly lands on the very tip of their noses, they will magically turn into a butterfly. The children are excited but also a bit nervous when a butterfly tries to land on Nana's nose. Will Nana morph into a butterfly? But Cat, their naughty feline, leaps into the air and frightens the butterfly away. With the crisis averted, Nana and the children sit and eat a tablefull of sweets and then it is time for the children and Cat to leave. Nana sits in her chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket, and falls off to sleep. This story is imaginative and the art is colorful and engaging throughout. The endpapers depict caterpillars, cocoons, and ultimately a magnificent butterfly on the final spread. While children will find the art appealing, it's unclear what they will make of the story. Is Nana morphing into a butterfly, or does the story suggest that change is a constant in life? In the end, the story may be a stretch for its intended audience.—Joan Kindig, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

About the Author


Sarah Smith is an illustrator based in Bristol, England. This is her first book.


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