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The Ambitious Stepmother. A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Fidelis Morgan ISBN 0007134231 )

The Ambitious Stepmother. A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery ( Editura: Outlet - carte limba engleza, Autor: Fidelis Morgan ISBN 0007134231 )
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ISBN: 0007134231
Anul publicării: 2002
Pagini: 342
Format: 13,5x22 cm
Categoria: Outlet Books


The Countess Ashby de la Zouche would not be every parent's choice of chaperone for a beautiful teenager, and still fewer would entrust her with finding the girl a suitable husband - in France, of all places. The second Mrs Alderman Franklyn-Green, however, is willing to go to any lengths to get rid of her unwanted stepdaughter Virginia. And the promise of 100 guineas and a sojourn in the land of gay balls and all-night gambling is sufficient to secure the Countess's services, even if the girl is a complete shrew. Sadly, the exiled English Court at St Germain is far from the den of iniquity the Countess and her maidservant Alpiew were hoping for. Worse, any hopes of enjoying fine French cuisine are dashed when a fellow guest is poisoned. Once more the Countess and Alpiew are plunged into a dangerous investigation. In addition to unravelling plots against three kings and negotiating the culinary eccentricities of the Court of Versailles, our sleuths encounter the Bastille's most mysterious prisoner, and discover - among other depravities - why Lord Whippingham is paying young women to munch in his house of disrepute. REVIEWSIf you haven't yet made the acquaintance of the Countess and Alpiew, I urge you to do so at once. You will be rewarded with thrills and laughter aplenty. Steven SaylorFidelis Morgan's books are meticulous in their historical accuracy, zestful in their crime plotting, and very funny. Simon BrettA delicious, rollicking romp of a mystery that kept me enthralled. Fidelis Morgan writes just the sort of story I love, full of sensuous details that make history come alive... I can't wait to read her next one. Tess GerritsenI challenge you to open a Fidelis Morgan at any page and not to be grabbed and plunged into a story where the action is non-stop and outrageous. The Countess Ashby de la Zouche books are a joy, written with tremendous energy and flair. It goes without saying that Fidelis has done her history homework, but no one ever made history more fun. Peter LoveseyA third irrepressible outing for the ebullient Countess Ashby de la Zouche and her awesomely bosomed maid, Alpiew, a pair of Restoration detectives dubbed Cagney and Lacey in corsets, although I'd add a strong dash of Laurel and Hardy to the mix.... Plots within plots, culinary eccentricities, the Bastille's most mysterious prisoner and the discovery of Lord Whippingham's favourite depravity, involving women with strong teeth, pepper the uproarious progress of our two unconventional heroines. Fun never came so lusty.


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