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Ted and Sylvia ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Emma Tennant ISBN 1-84018-722-0 )

Ted and Sylvia ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Emma Tennant ISBN 1-84018-722-0 )
Preț: 9,90 RON
Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 1-84018-722-0
Anul publicării: 2001
Pagini: 173
Format: 13x20
Categoria: Beletristica


Ted and Sylvia is a novel which tells the story of the early days and then the meeting,marriage and separation of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.The three protagonists described here-Sylvia the wounded , ambitious poet Ted,the lover of freedom and nature;and Assia Wevill,the woman who came between them and suffered for her passion - are brought together in a scene of shifting perspectives.
In intensely , vivid prose , the author takes us beyond the familiar outlines of the pair 's legend .From the scarlet lipstick and headband Sylvia wore on the night they first met , to the yards of red corduroy curtains left unfinished at her death , Tennant constructs a ballad from the images that tap into out very nerve-endings.
Through imaginative fiction Ted and Sylvia animates the three talented yet tortured people whose tragic tale surely deserves its place as one of the twentieth century's most unforgettable literary love stories.
Emma Tennant was born in London and spent much of her childhood at the family home in Scotland.


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