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Spirit Messenger ( Editura: Hay House/Books Outlet, Autor: Gordon Smith ISBN 9781848500006 )

Spirit Messenger ( Editura: Hay House/Books Outlet, Autor: Gordon Smith ISBN 9781848500006 )
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ISBN: 9781848500006
Anul publicării: 2008
Pagini: 272
Format: 13x19,5 cm


Gordon Smith's unique gifts as a medium, or messenger from the spirit world, have led him to become known as 'the UK's most accurate medium'. He has proven his ability to scientists exploring the nature of mediumship and has astounded them with the consistency and accuracy of his messages.
Spirit Messenger is Gordon's first book, originally published in 2004, and in it he describes the development of his mediumistic skills and the training that he undertook to develop his extraordinary gifts. Since its publication, many people have asked Gordon for advice on how to develop their own psychic and mediumistic ability, and so he has added teaching, tips and practical exercises.
Gordon tells you how to: recognize psychic abilities in children and remember your own psychic childhood experiences understand the difference between psychic awareness and tuning in to the spirit world develop your ability to hear messages from spirit learn the difference between your imagination and a true message.


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