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Sighisoara tourist guide

Sighisoara tourist guide
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ISBN: 978-973-7887-16-0
Anul publicării: 2009
Pagini: 82
Format: 12x21


Sighisoara is a citadel unique in Romania and Souh Eastern Europe. How beguiling seems the idea of a Middle Age inhabited by people of today! Sighisoara is waiting for us to explore its world: city walls with bastions and nine defensive towers, the austere Clock Tower, with its astonishing Baroque roof, the mediaeval town square - formerly the site of the "pole of infamy" and public executions-, the Gothic churches, the narrow cobbled streets, the old houses with pastel-coloured facades and flowerspots in the windows, the arched passageways, echoing to the sound of children's voices...
Sighisoara, the citadel founded by the Saxons in 1191, is still a living city...
This guide , published in the Come and See series, offers you a guided walk through the citadel of Sighisoara. Awalk packed with historical information, with details about the architecture of the buildings, with stories whose memory is now to be found only the archives, with anecdotes of former days, and with references to the more out of the way places of interest in the citadel.


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