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Secret Agents DVD/Book Gift Set

Preț: 36,00 RON
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ISBN: 9781910540183
Anul publicării: 2015
Categoria: Crime & Thriller


Argo The Secret Story DVD: Iran, 1979. The US Embassy in Tehran is overrun by militant revolutionaries who hold their victims hostage at gunpoint. But unknown to anyone, 6 diplomats make a daring escape and find their way to a Canadian Embassy residence, where they hide away in fear of their lives. When the CIA learns of their escape, they call in Tony Mendez, an ace CIA agent to get the diplomats out of Iran. So far, he s covertly exfiltrated over a hundred CIA assets, but this time it s not spies he must rescue, but ordinary Americans. We follow the true story of how Mendez devises an extraordinary ruse so unbelievable that it might just work. He plans to transform the diplomats into members of a Hollywood film studio and walk them out of Tehran s airport under the noses of his enemy. What happens next would remain classified for almost twenty years a mission that, against all odds, fool the world and lead to six innocent Americans walking out of Iran to freedom. Little Book of Secret Agents: Many of us have grown up with James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan as our heroes, but these spies live and work in a fictional world that bears little resemblance to reality. Secret agents have existed for as long as humans have been in conflict, and this book tells the stories of the people and agencies responsible for some of the most daring and disastrous exploits in the history of intelligence gathering, warfare and espionage. We ll examine the lives of Nathan Hale, the man executed by the British during the American Revolutionary War; Sidney Reilly, Ace of Spies; and Aldrich Ames, the man who betrayed countless CIA officers and operations to the Soviet Union. We ll also look at the lesser-known events surrounding the disappearance of Wilhelm Mörz, the only German spy thought to have escaped from Britain during the Second World War, and Mata Hari, the femme fatale who extracted secrets from both sides during World War One. The agencies behind these men and women will also be examined in detail, and no book on secret agents would be complete without paying tribute to the most famous spy on the silver screen: James Bond.


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