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Romania tourist guide

Romania tourist guide
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ISBN: 978-973-7887-60-3
Anul publicării: 2009
Pagini: 96
Format: 12x21


Whether for those are who are familiar with the country or for those who are not, Romania is a place that is full of promise. You will be recommended to give up any prejudices if you are coming here for the first time, and to prepare yourself for surprises. And if you think you are are familiar with Romania already, then you will be amazed at how much is still to discover...
We invite you to discover the frescos of the churcches of Bukowina, the realm of the Danube Delta, the woodworking culture of Maramure, the mediaeval world of Sighisoara and Sibiu, the pastoral world of the Apuseni Mountains and the Rucar-Bran corridor, the spectacle of the Romanian mountains, the splendours of its cities, and so much more... Something tells us that you will soon be back to see more...
This guide, published as a part of the Come and See series, presents one of the most visited tourist areas in Romania. If you have come thus far and you want to know where to head next, what is woth seeing, and wich route to take, then consult the guide with confidence!


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