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Queen Victoria: A Photographic Journey ( Editura: The History Press/Books Outlet, Autori: Chris Frame, Rachelle Cross ISBN 9780752452982 )

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Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 9780752452982
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 120
Format: 25x23 cm


Queen Victoria was the first in a new breed of Cunard Ships—her unique design, based on the Vista Class hull of Carnival Corporation, is strengthened and enhanced to give her the ability to cross the North Atlantic Ocean. This hybrid of ocean liner and cruise ship represents a new era for the 170-year-old Cunard Line, introducing one of the most luxurious ships to carry the Golden Lion. Built by Fincantieri and introduced into service in late 2007, Queen Victoria’s reign is young; however, she has had a notable career with royal engagements, tandem Atlantic crossings, and Gala-World Cruises where she has been welcomed internationally with open arms. This photographic journey around the modern yet stately Queen Victoria is full of quirky and amusing anecdotes and stories looking back over the life of QV. Each room is described in light narrative with complementing photographs to create a lasting memento of a voyage aboard Cunard’s newest monarch.


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