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Pope John Paul II Memory and identity ( Editura : Phoenix , ISBN 0-75382-054-4 )

Pope John Paul II Memory and identity  ( Editura : Phoenix , ISBN 0-75382-054-4 )
Preț: 9,90 RON
Disponibilitate: în stoc
ISBN: 0-75382-054-4
Anul publicării: 2005
Pagini: 195
Format: 13x20
Categoria: Beletristica


When Pope John Paul II died on 2 april 2005 , millions mourned his passing.Pope for over twenty-six years , his impact on the world stage has been enormous.Memory and Identity stands as a lasting testimony to that world view , containing his personal thoughts on some of the most challenging issues and events of our turbulent times.
Each chapter suggests the answer to a question which either exercised his mind or which he provokes in discussion with laymen and priests.Using the encounters at his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo where conversations took place with leading intellectuals-philosophers as well as theologians - Pope John Paul II adresses many of the questions and problems that vex our daily lives.
Including a new introduction that places Pope John Paul II's life in the context of his legacy to the world , this is an extraordinary insight into a remarkable spiritual leader.


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