Move Ahead workbook 1
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Move Ahead workbook 1

Move Ahead workbook 1
Preț: 35,10 RON
39,00 RON (-10%)
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ISBN: 978-0-333-77583-7
Anul publicării: 2008
Pagini: 78
Format: 21x27


Move Ahead is an imaginative, five-level course for young people. It builds on the language and skills learnt in the Way Ahead Primary course. Move Ahead develops competence in all four skills, with a particular focus on reading and writing. Students are encouraged to think about language learning, and to develop an autonomous approach to their studies. The topic-based authentic and semi-authentic texts and supporting activities have been carefully to add to the student's knowledge of the world and to ecourage them to think for themselves. Move Ahead has: *stron support for grammar *strategies for vocabulary acquisition *an enabling approach to the development of writing skills +*contextualised practice activities The clear organisation of the books means that the course is easy and satisfying to use.


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