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Healthy First Foods for Your Baby ( Editura: Grub Street/Books Outlet, Autor: Caitilin Finch ISBN 9781904943686 )

Healthy First Foods for Your Baby ( Editura: Grub Street/Books Outlet, Autor: Caitilin Finch ISBN 9781904943686 )
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ISBN: 9781904943686
Anul publicării: 2006
Pagini: 64
Format: 19x19,5 cm


It is important to begin your baby's life with a healthy nutritious diet so that they start as you hope they will go on. Weaning is the transition your baby will make from milk to solid food. It starts at around 4 to 6 months and lasts until about 12 months. From 6 months of age, your baby will need nutrients not available in milk, so by this time it is important that they are introduced to 'real food'. The first tastes of solids you give your baby are vitally important; the fresher and more natural the better so it's best to prepare your own purees and dinners at home so you know exactly what's in them. "Healthy First Foods for your Baby" gives a host of recipes for main meals and puddings taking you from those first tastes at 4-6 months to lumpy foods suitable for them at 6-12 months and finger foods for when they are able to handle food themselves at around 6 months. This original, fun and easy-to-follow book is written by a mother with experience of bringing up two children. It contains a short introduction on feeding your children, a section on creating a healthy store cupboard and what foods to keep on hand, how to use them and their nutritional value. Then the recipes which are organized according to the feeding age. All the recipes have been tried and tested on babies and toddlers from the author's own family, friends and her local parent and toddler group - so we know they are baby friendly. In fact with recipes like Easy Peasy Potato, Winter Vegetable Surprise, Spicy Autumn Fruits, Summer Delight, Herby Mushroom Omelette, Apricot Fruit Bars and Cheesy Squares, you'll probably end up joining then for supper!


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