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English grammar ( editura: Booklet, autor: Mihaela Starceanu, ISBN 9789731892894 )

English grammar ( editura: Booklet, autor: Mihaela Starceanu, ISBN 9789731892894 )
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Disponibilitate: stoc lichidat
ISBN: 978-973-1892-89-4
Anul publicării: 2012
Pagini: 319
Format: 14.5x20.5
Categoria: Engleza


Booklet's English Grammar
The new English Grammar features a full coverage of morphology supported by relevant examples, a comprehensive chapter on English sentence structure and activities to practise and apply the theoretical explanations. Furthermore, the author has included a special section on "false friends", mean to address language issues encountered by Romanian students in particular.
The wide range of examples, they key points sections rounding-up the information at the end of each chapter and the hands-on approach through exercises covering each grammar issue in detail, make this grammar book a very useful companion for learners of English, whether they be school students or those preparing for national and international language exams, but also a practical reference for teachers.


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