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Dancing in the sea ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Catherine Hill ISBN 1-84018-997-5 )

Dancing in the sea ( Editura : Mainstream Publishing , Autor : Catherine Hill ISBN 1-84018-997-5 )
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ISBN: 1-84018-997-5
Anul publicării: 2005
Pagini: 320
Format: 13x20
Categoria: Beletristica


In 1986 , when she was 26 , Catherine Hill and her iItalian boyfriend Picci went travelling through India.On their journey home,their Pan.
Am flight was hijacked by PLO terrorists when it landed in Pakistan.In the slaughter that followed,21 people died and more than 100 were injured.Catherine was near-fatally wounded,her left buttock blown off by a grenade.In spite of his own injuries,Picci saved her life by dragging her , bleeding heavily,from the plane.
Over the years that followed,Catherine endured a series of horrendous operations as surgeons attempted to heal her mutilated body.During that time,she also began to fight two major lawsuits,one against Pan Am and another that resulted from medical negligence.She had to call on every resource she had - physical , psychological , emotional and financial as she attempted to rebuild her life.
The title , Dancing in the sea , refers to an epiphany Catherine experienced while on holiday in the Caribbean after the conclusion of her case against Pan Am.It was there that she and Picci danced together for the first time since the hijack , and there that Catherine realised that , while nothing would ever been the same again , with imagination she could discover new ways of doing things she had through impossible due to her physical difficulties.On this holiday , she picked up a pencil and began to write her remarkable story.


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