700 Clasroom Activities
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700 Clasroom Activities

700 Clasroom Activities
Preț: 96,00 RON
128,00 RON (-25%)
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ISBN: 978-1-4050-8001-9
Anul publicării: 2008
Pagini: 156
Format: 19x24
Categoria: Limbi Straine


Whether you are just starting out as an ELT teacher or have been teaching for years, 700 Clasroom Activities will be an invaluable addition to your bookself. It provides a huge repertoire of practical, classroo,-tested supplementary activities, all explained and organised in a sensible easy-to-use style. It can be used to support any ELT course book from elementary to upper intermediate and beyond. In it you find a range of activities, including both familiar procedures and new ideas, organised into four practical sections-conversation, functions, grammar and vocabulary. This organisation makes it easy to quikly cross refer to the syllabus of your course book and find relevant supporting activities. All the activities are described in a straightforward way as instructions to the student and none of them require photocopying.


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